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Taking maternity photos is something I love to do to look back and remember this special, and very short season. But I realize it can be hard to dress for, coordinate, and execute. So I wanted to share some easy tips to help you create a memorable maternity photo shoot, with end result of amazing photos of you and your family.

These are special moments I am so thankful to always remember!

Here are some tips to help you make the most of experience and do it with little stress.

Hire a great photographer

This might seem like a no brainer, but not all photographers are created equal. We have worked with the same photographer, Katie Swanson Photography for a few years. Her work is incredible, she is so amazing with my kids, and she has an incredible eye. This makes investing in family photo shoots completely worth it.

Don’t have a photographer, here are a few suggestions to find a good one.

  • Ask around. Referrals from friends or family is a great testimony for a photographers work.
  • Make sure to ask the photographers to see previous work & their portfolio to get an idea of their experience & style.
  • Be clear about what you are wanting, and ask all your questions before agreeing to work with them.

Know your vision

Head to Pinterest for some inspiration, if you are not sure what kind of photos you are wanting to take. This is a great resource to get inspired about what you want your maternity shoot to look like. Do you want to be in nature? Do you want to be at home, or in a city? Do you want to capture a mood or feeling? This is a great way to help you coordinate what to wear for your shoot.

What to wear for your shoot

  • Find an outfit you feel comfortable in.
  • A maxi dress is always very flattering option & is an all in one outfit
  • Keep the rest of your family in neutral colors. Think whites, greys, light browns. Especially if you are doing an outdoor location shoot. Then you want the focus to be on the background, you’re bump, and smiling faces…not so much busy outfits.
When your very pregnant, tighter fitting, long dresses are the most flattering for showing off the bump!

Here are a few great places to look for a dress for your photoshoot… (remember it doesn’t have to be maternity),,, (that is where my dress is from)

Don’t Stress

Relax and act natural when posing for the camera. This can sometimes feel awkward, but those are always the best pictures. Don’t stress if you have other kids and they are not wanting to pose or cooperate. That is when hiring the right photographer is key…a good one will be able to engage your kids, and capture candid moments!

If you’re relaxed and not stressed your kids will pick up on your cues, and feel more comfortable. If all else fails just laugh and have a good sense of humor about the whole experience.

*Bring snacks for young kids to keep them happy. Maybe talk to your kids about a special treat or experience to look forward to, after your photoshoot, for good behavior.

Are you local to the Des Moines metro area?! My friend Katie, owner of Swanson Photography is who took our photos and does all of our family shoots! She is wonderful, and my kids love her!

For more ideas on what to wear for your next family photo shoot, read my blog post: How To Style Your Family Photo Shoot

XO, Sarah


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