7 Tips To Edit Your Closet

Start off the new year by with these 7 tips to edit your closet to eliminate the chaos and clutter in your life.

Tip 1—Declutter 

My husband and I share a closet, so each season I declutter only my side to make the space manageable. It simultaneously encourages him to do the same. Having things in your closet you don’t wear regularly, or are not wearable anymore are adding to the clutter and confusion every time you reach in your closet. Rethink each piece and donate what you don’t need.

Assess each piece hanging in your closet. 

Pull out a piece of clothing and ask yourself these questions…

“Does it fit my current body?”

 “It is still in good shape” (i.e. is it free of holes, stains or stretched out)

“Do I like the way it looks on me?” (Does it flatter your body, does it make you feel confident & comfortable?) If you answered “NO” then it needs to go. 

Tip 2—Create easy access to your underwear/bra drawer 

Your undergarments are the first pieces of clothing you put on every day and often the organization is overlooked. This is a great place to start spring cleaning your closet if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

As moms, we fluctuate in sizes being pregnant, postpartum, or nursing, or maybe put on or lost weight over the years. Organize sports, underwire, and nursing bras and underwear (which will enhance or detract from any outfit you wear) depending on how they fit under your clothes. 

I love to use these cloth bin organizers in my closet to store my undergarments.

Tip 3—Keeps, Let Gos and Maybes 

Ask yourself how frequently you wear every piece. Has it been over a year? If you answer “YES” then is time to donate to someone who could use it, or consign (if it’s in OK condition). These are great places to donate your gently used clothing, shoes & accessories: 

Dress For Success

single moms in need ministry

a women’s shelter 

Go through each piece individually, and be honest with yourself (a la Marie Kondo) The more you have and hold onto, the more potential clutter you’ll have in your closet. If you’re sentimental about a piece of clothing, consider storing it elsewhere for a future quilt or textile project.

Once you’ve established your “Let Go” and “Keep” piles (use the questions above to get your answer), this will leave you with your “Maybe” pile.

When sorting through your Maybes, go back to the Keeps and check for style duplicates. You do not need multiple shirts or pants in the same style and color. The goal here is to simplify, and only keep the items you absolutely love and will actually wear. If you have any kind of doubt, then that item should not be in your closet.

Tip 4—Let it go and make some dough 

Make a pile for the items you know you want to get rid of and decide if you want to donate or consign. If they’re in good enough condition, you should consider consigning. Here are a few local consignment shops:

Worn or Stuff Etc.

Facebook marketplace


I love the idea of donating to women who truly need it. 

Tip 5— Be lenient with your maternity and postpartum clothes

This is the exception to spring cleaning your closet: if you are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant again, keep that relevant clothing (if it’s in good shape, you love it, and will wear it again) and store it in a bin, somewhere other than your closet i.e under the bed, in your basement closet, or elsewhere. Clear storage totes from Target are a great option so you can easily see stored contents.

Remember to keep them together, labeled, and organized so you can find them again when you need them. 

Tip 6K.I.S.S— Keep it Simple Sweets!

The only thing you want in your current closet is what you are going to be wearing over the next 2-3 months. If your wardrobe has changed because you are now wokring from home, or spending most of your time at home, and you’re wondering what to do with all those clothes/shoes? Put them in another closet or store them away in a bin for future use. This will eliminate the clutter in your closet, without feeling like you need to get rid of a majority of your wardrobe.

Spring/summer items should be stored in a separate part of the house

By this point, you’ve successfully narrowed it down to just Keeps. Yas girl! It’s time to organize and hang them by category and color (tops, cardigans/sweaters, pants, jeans, skirts dresses) 
Hang tops and dresses by sleeve length: tanks, then tees, then long sleeves

This is an easy way to keep your pieces organized and  easier to “shop your closet” and pick out an outfit every day.

If space is an issue in your closet, design your own outfit inspiration station—a simple garment rack to hang your upcoming week of outfits

Bonus Tip(!) Lay out your outfit the night before, including your gym outfit or athleisure wear. Taking a few extra minutes the night before will save you time and sanity when getting dressed that day.

More ways to simplify your wardrobe

Work with me one on one to edit your closet & maximize your wardrobe.


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