Why I am Saying No this Christmas

I am so excited to introduce to you my sweet friend, Erin Port! She is such an amazing, Godly, woman, wife, and mama of 3. I treasure all the wisdom she has shared with me, as well as admire her passion for leading, encouraging, and teaching women to live a hope filled life, as she so graciously shares her heart and her own struggles as a busy mama, and Christ follower. Erin also leads an awesome tribe of women on Intstagram with encouragement, organizational tips, life hacks, recipes, ect….definitly go follow her @perfectlyportfamily as well as subscribe to her blog www.theperfectlyportfamily.com!!

Why I am Saying No this Christmas

It was the week after thanksgiving and all through the house, all that was heard was this momma huffing and puffing. It was not the picture of the quintessential night before Christmas. Quite the opposite.

My to do list was long and my fuse short when I sat down one quiet morning with my friend at our early morning bible study. I hadn’t spent any time with God lately, my to do list was long and I was running on fumes.

There was no way I was going to survive the most wonderful time of the year, let alone enjoy it. Then, I felt God say, choose the greater things and say no to the rest.

Saying no doesn’t come naturally to me. I want to make people happy. This often means I find myself saying “yes” to things with little thought on how this might affect my life, schedule and most importantly my family.

I am guessing I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed at the myriad of possible social engagements, activities and to do list items. So, how do we say no this Christmas to say yes to the better things. Saying yes to the things that matter most to us, the people that matter most to us, and to the God that matters most to us, for which, the whole season revolves around.

1. Be the Mary in a Martha Stewart world

I am Martha, hurridly running around doing “all the things” all season long. In Luke 10, Martha complains to Jesus that Mary is just sitting at His feet while she does all the work. Jesus rebukes Martha and says, “Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:42b) This season, don’t forget to sit at your Savior’s feet and relish in the reason He came. He will fill you in ways productivity and beautiful gifts will not. Time with him will not be wasted.

2. Don’t play the comparison game

It doesn’t take long scrolling through social media to become defeated. Remember, there is not a right way to decorate or celebrate. Jesus was born in a stable amongst troughs, hay, animals and feces. A humble beginning for the holiday that now boasts twinkling lights and free shipping.. Remember why you celebrate.

3. Plan wisely

Communicate what is important and what you want to make sure you include in your holiday season and plan accordingly. Look at your calendar and put important activities in now, however small they are, so that when an invitation comes you don’t forget you have something planned.

4. Assess regularly

If you start to feel overwhelmed, it is okay to change course or skip something all together. If you feel like you can add something in last minute, great. Leave space to enjoy the season.

5. Don’t be afraid to say no

There are lots of things you can do this season but there are only so many hours in the day (remember sleep is important). We have always done the church program but this year our family said no. It wasn’t an easy decision but something had to give and this year that is what we chose. Maybe for you, it’s that party or photo Christmas cards. It’s ok to say no or not this year.

Let’s take back this Christmas season and celebrate what matters most. Let our priorities be lived out in our actions and our hearts rejoice. For this is truly the most wonderful time of year. The moment when God came down in the form of a baby boy, born in humble circumstances, without the fanfare of twinkling lights, to bring a sinful world back to God and that is worth celebrating this Christmas.

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