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It is easy to wear the old stand by—elastic-banded maternity jeans—but wearing those jeans after having a baby does something to your already vulnerable emotional state. Disguise that mommy pouch with flattering high-rise jeans that will work wonders on your amazing postpartum body. Here are my tips for dressing your postpartum body.

It’s important to dress in a few pieces that fit your current postpartum body. Whether you are six weeks post-delivery, or celebrating one year old, having one pair of jeans that fit and flatter your body will do wonders for your confidence and emotional state!

Let me explain.

When you tell yourself you’re going to wait to buy new clothes until ” I’m back to my old pre-pregnancy size”, while noble, it’s this thinking that will make you feel less like your old self. Keep those pre-pregnancy jeans as a goal to strive for someday, but put them away for this season, and focus on a pair of jeans that fit you now. Then you can be the best mama to that beautiful babe.

What we wear affects how we feel.

After having a baby it can be hard to feel our best when we are covered in spit-up, haven’t showered for days, are exhausted, and battling glimpses in the mirror as our bellies go from full and tight (with a baby inside) to loose, sagging, and unrecognizable.

There is an easy solution to this problem. Spend a little money on yourself (call it self-care) and buy a great pair of high rise jeans, with a little stretch, and you will feel like a new woman!

Tips for shopping for jeans after having a baby

This look is easy to wear, comfortable for nursing and looks polished and put together for just about any occasion. (For winter just add a cardigan or jacket) This is me 3 weeks postpartum with our Dylan, for a sushi date night with daddy! It felt good to get out of my leggings and into “real clothes!”

  • Stick with a high rise. This will help suck in your pooch and create a waistline at the smallest part of your natural waist (around your belly button).
  • Size is just a number! You will need to go up a few sizes from your pre-pregnancy size, and that’s OK! Don’t fixate on the number. The most important thing is to find a pair that fits you comfortably where you are today, and flatters to your new curvy and beautiful post-baby body. Remember the number is meaningless and nobody will know but you!
  • Dark washes are the most slimming. Also, try black jeans. The dark wash creates a long line on your body hiding all the lumps, bumps, and (Bonus!) disguises stains from baby care.
  • Go for stretch. Check the inside label and confirm there’s at least 2% elastine. Skip the raw denim, or 100% cotton jeans. They are stiff and unforgiving. Stretch is your friend since most of your days are spent sitting, bending, nursing, and carrying baby.
  • If your budget allows, go for the investment jeans. With denim you get what you pay for. It is my opinion they are worth the price tag. Remember this is self care. These jeans will cost upwards of $100 but will wash and wear much better over time. If you’re on a tight budget, consider consignment shops, Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls (if you have time and energy to search) or poshmark is a good online consignment site.

*If you are looking for a great pair, THESE jeans have it all.

*These are a good budget-friendly option.

A few more postpartum style tips + essentials to have in your closet

  • Looser tops conceal your tummy but don’t always flatter your figure. Try a French tuck (tuck at your belly button into your high rise jeans). This trick helps draw the eyes to the smallest part of your waist.
  • If you’re going to wear a looser, tunic top, make sure you are wearing a skinny bottom (leggings or skinny jeans). This will instantly make you look slimmer.
  • Having a few key basics in your postpartum closet will help make getting dressed easier and less stressful.
    • Cotton v-neck tee’s (these are nursing friendly) in black, grey, and white (have stain remover at the ready). You can wear these interchangeably with jeans or black leggings.
    • Black high rise leggings
    • A long cardigan for easy layering

Use your accessories (I.e shoes, jewelry, scarves, hats) to dress up your postpartum basics.

This is an easy, more elevated postpartum outfit…A basic white tee, high rise skinny jeans, a blazer, and boots. This can be worn for work, date night, church, or an everyday look.

Speaking from experience as a stylist, and a mama of 3 babes, I say just get the jeans! Investing in a few things for my own closet postpartum, has not only boosted my confidence as mama, but has helped me feel my best as a wife, friend, and business owner!

More helpful postpartum outfit ideas


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