My go-to, clean makeup & skin care products

I wanted to share my favorite clean makeup and skin care products in case you are looking to make the switch to safer, non-toxic products.

Over the past 8 years I have been contantly reading, researching, and testing out different clean, non-toxic beauty products after my eyes were opened to all the harmful chemicals and additives that were in my everyday makeup and skin care products. The products that I was using at the time were affecting my health, (skin issues, infertility, inflammation, lack of energy, and hormone imbalances). Everything that we put on our skin goes directly into our blood stream! Hearing this was what really made me aware of what I was putting on my skin, and how it was affecting my health and future self.

Fast forward 4 years, and I was introduced to Beauty Counter through a friend, and I tried a few of the makeup products to see if I would really like them. And was surprised how much I LOVED everything. I loved how my makeup actaully stayed in place all day, and wasn’t causing my skin to break out or have sensitivity issues like I had had in the past with other products. And I have been using many of these products ever since and continue to try more.

Here are the skin care products I use and love daily…

Cleaning Milk for washing my face daily in the morning.
My everyday moisturizer
This tinted moisturizer has SPF20, evens out my skin tone & is super moisturizing for my normal to dry skin. Some days this is all the makeup I wear!
This miracle in jar beauty balm does so many things….I use it to take off my makeup every night. Its super moisturizing, and can also be used as an overnight mask, or to treat severely dry or sunburned skin!
I use this anti-aging night cream every night because it is that is super moisturizing, and also fights fine lines/wrinkles, snd smells amazing.
I love this charcoal mask to even out my skin tone, get the impurity’s out of my pores & leaves my skin feeling radiant. It is my at-home spa treatment 2-3 times a week.
This over night resurfacing peel makes your skin GLOW! It  improves skin texture, minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, & dark spots, HELLO YOUTHFUL SKIN! I use this 2-3 times a week.

Everyday Makeup

I love this medium coverage foundation for everyday! It goes on so smooth & keeps my skin hydrated! I use the shade ‘Sand”.
This concealer pen does wonders for my tired mama eyes & dark circles, & blends really well! I use the shade “Light”.
I use this awesome pigmented bronzer for an everyday glowly look in the shade “Dune”.
I love this blush to add a pop of color to my cheeks for my everyday face.
This powder highlighter makes your face glow!

I hope these tips and product recommendations are helpful for you if you are looking to make to the switch to cleaner, safer beauty products. Even if you just start by changing 1-2 products at a time to safer ones, is a great place to start. It can seem over whelming at first, but that is a great place to start!

This post is in no way sponsored, I just really love these products and have seen the felt the results on my skin first hand. And I love to be able to share products that I am using and loving with my friends!

To see my everyday makeup routine, follow me on Instagram where I shared my full face makeup tutorial in my stories, using all of these products!

I would love to hear what products you use and love?! Leave me a comment below or send me an email with your questions to…

XO, Sarah


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