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It has been on my heart for some time now, the desire to live and celebrate the holidays this year with intentionality and purpose. To simplify, and to truly enjoy ALL of the moments….instead of letting the busyness and all “the things” we think we need, distract us from the real meaning of the holidays…loving my family well, soaking up these precious, fleeting moments while my kids are young, and keeping our eyes on the true meaning of the Christmas season…Jesus! But I feel like that requires a plan, organization, and intentionality….other wise I feel like I blink and the holiday is over and I am left feel discouraged and drained! But not this year….I would love for you to join me for the next 7 weeks of 2017, to cultivate a time of true joy, freedom, purpose, love, grace, rest, and making memories.

I encourage you to take some time to think about this, and even write down a few words, ideas, hopes/dreams you have for your family this holiday season. It is to say “No” to activities, party’s, that just make the season feel overwhelming? Is it simplifiyng your holiday traditions to make things more managable and less stressful? Is it your hope to spend less money and not buy as much “stuff” and focus more on making memories wtih your family? Do you want to make a bucket list of family activities, crafts, recipes, advetures, and actaully do them this year?!

I would love to be a helpful, encouraging resource for you as you shop, plan, and celebrtae this holiday season. I will be posting a few holiday gift guides to help you shop smarter and eariler, stay oraganzied, and on budget. I will also be creating a holiday gift guide with ideas for fun homemade gifts to give, if you are wanting to give something from the heart this year, and save money. I will also be posting our 2017 holiday bucket list filled with fun family activites, adventures, games, crafts, and seasonal recipes ideas, as well as share with you our Kelly holiday Jesse Tree tradition (like an advent) that we love doing and teaching our kids the real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas…the brith of our savior Jesus!

Let’s not give into the busyness of the season! It is ok to say “No” to things if you are feeling overwhelmed and overbooked. Remember its your job as Mom/Dad to make the schedule for your family….and you can do as much or little as you want! Just allow yourself the freedom to say “No” if does not serve your family or your doing something out of obligation or gulit.

When you have your eyes fixed on Jesus, the real reason we celebrate the Chritmas season, everything else becomes less important and trival. It doesn’t matter how many gifts you have under the tree, or how perfect your holiday decorations look, or what you will be serving at your Thanksgivng or Christmas dinner! At the end of the day its about relationships and spending quality time with family and frends and making memories.

I am so excited and expectant for this holiday season. Come join me on this journey to bring back the joy, and simplicty of the holidays, to embrace rest, and cultivate a season of being purposeful and present!

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Happy Holidays,

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