Finding Contentment With What’s In My Closet


I have been thinking a lot about contentment these days….or my lack of contentment that is, with my wardrobe. As a style influencer/blogger I am constantly being bombarded daily with images of pretty things, either on social media, through emails, other style bloggers and influencers I follow, as they share the “newest” and “greatest” things. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, and I love fashion, but sometimes it just feels like too much.

I see a cute new sweater or top, or pair of shoes someone just posted about on Instagram and I suddenly have to have it….I guess I am a marketer’s dream, impulsive and impressionable! All the while I have a closet full of amazing clothes, shoes, etc… and the last thing I need is more!

I recently had an ah ha moment and felt convicted to take a break from shopping for one month. To take a breather from consuming in order to find contentment with what I already have, and use my creativity and styling skills to find new ways to wear and pair what is in my closet.

I figured it is the beginning of a new month, so it is the perfect time to start this “No Spend Style Challenge” for the month of April. A whole month to share with you how I am styling my spring wardrobe- which is filled with lots of great basics, some statement pieces, mostly casual items (that suit my lifestyle as a stay-at-home mama & business owner). To push my styling skills, think outside the box, and learn how to find contentment with what I have!

I would love for you to follow along on this journey with me over the next month! I will be sharing my outfits daily on Instagram, as well as sharing some practical ways to wear and pair great basic pieces over in my Facebook style community, plus doing a weekly round up of all my outfits right here, including links to shop every piece or similar pieces, in case you are in the process of building your Spring wardrobe.

I hope this encourages you to get into your closet, and find new ways to wear what you already have, and helps you find contentment with what you have been blessed with!

Blessings, Sarah


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