30 Piece Fall Capsule Wardrobe

This 30 piece casual, fall capsule wardrobe can make over 100 different outfits. I love the idea of a simplified, purposeful wardrobe, filled with pieces I can wear over and over again, in many of different ways. And that is exactly what a capsule wardrobe does!

This casual fall capsule wardrobe is perfect for the stay-at home mom, the work at home woman/mom, or the weekend warrior.

Casual Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Here are the details for each piece in my fall capsule wardrobe….



Outer Wear




Here are just a few of the many outfits that can be made with the 30 pieces in this fall capsule wardrobe….

Casual Capsule Wardrobe Outfit #1

*Casual, chic. This outfit is perfect for a day of meetings, running errands, or a coffee date with friends.

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Casual Capsule Wardrobe Outfit #2

*This outfit is a comfy as it is cute. The over sized sweater is cozy, but paired with skinny jeans and leopard flats, and leather tote it is polished and put together.

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Casual Capsule Wardrobe Outfit #3

*Play date at the park, Saturday brunch with the family, or a trip to the pumpkin patch, this outfit can literally take you anywhere.

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Casual Capsule Wardrobe Outfit #4

*Cool athleisure wear paired with black sneakers, but crisp and clean worn with white denim. Stay warm, but still look stylish in this effortless layered look.

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Casual Capsule Wardrobe Outfit #5

*Weekend uniform or weekday cozies…these wedge sneakers and black joggers elevate this casual pullover fleece and beanie.

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Casual Capsule Wardrobe Outfit #6

*This look is street chic with the leather moto jacket, leopards flats, and cool panama hat, paired with distressed straight leg jeans, and chambray shirt. Your ready for happy hour, date night, or an elevated daytime outfit.



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Casual Capsule Wardrobe Outfit #7

*Super casual, but super cute! The denim jacket adds structure to the over sized sweater

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I hope this capsule wardrobe inspires you to get in your closet and start putting together some simple, but impactful outfits for whatever the occasion in your everyday life! I would love to know what pieces you are going to add to your fall capsule wardrobe, or what looks were your favorite…? Leave me a comment below.

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Thanks for stopping by my sweet friends!

Blessings, Sarah


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