Spring Outfit Formula’s

These spring outfit formula’s will help you get dressed effortlessly everyday this season and ensure you maximize what’s in your closet. The key to a great outfit in the spring is layers. Layering isn’t just practical for changing weather (let’s face it, spring weather is always changing in Iowa), it’s also an easy way to style your basics and add interest to simple pieces. The third piece is

Layering adds style and versatility to any outfit. Try incorporating a “Third Piece” like a trench coat or blazer. The layer not only adds complexity & structure to your look but also serves a practical purpose in cooler weather. Choose a statement coat for a bold look or a classic tailored piece for a more sophisticated style.

The Spring Capsule 2024 is your ultimate style guide + what to buy & how to wear it this season.

Here are a few great examples of third piece jackets (below) to wear this spring. Use these outfit guides to help you build effortless outfits this season.

spring outfit formula's
spring outfit formula, lady jacket, stripe tee, jeans, ballet flats
spring outfit formula, stripe tee, trench coat, straight leg jeans, ballet flats
spring outfit formula: blazer, tee, jeans, ballet flats

Make sure to follow along on my LTK shop page for daily spring outfit formula’s + helpful fit tips.


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