Fashion Sneakers Worth Buying

Over the last few years my love for sneakers has grown. I think it’s safe to say I wear them almost daily & prefer a fashion sneaker to over any other type of shoe. I know my feet are thankful for this. So I’m sharing my top 5 fashion sneakers worth buying.

I wanted to share my sneaker collection to hopefully answer questions you might have about certain brands, fit, quality, plus what’s worth the hype? Hopefully this inspires you to try some new sneaker outfits too.

I will cover the coveted Golden Goose sneakers, P448, Veja’s, Converse, as well as a few more designer and under $100 fashion sneakers.

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My Top Fashion Sneaker Picks

1: Golden Goose

PRICE: Golden Goose are by far the most expensive (they start at $445). This is because each sneaker is hand crafted in Italy, so this means every pair is one-of-a-kind.

FIT: I wear a size 10 shoe. I got a size 41 in the Super-Star Low Top Sneaker. If you are between sizes go up 1 size.

COMFORT: Right out of the box these are amazingly comfortable. No breaking in necessary. By far this is the pair of sneakers I reach for most because of the comfort and how easy they are to throw on and go.

STYLING: Golden Goose are definitely more of a statement sneaker. They have some really unique styles & fun patterns. These are statement makers for any outfit without trying. If you want the look of this style sneaker for less, try these or this pair

QUALITY: The Golden Goose hide scuffs, and stains better since they come pre-scuffed & have a worn in look to them. I have had mine for a year and they still look brand new. The darker colored laces help hide dirt. If your budget allows these are hands down my favorite pair of sneakers. I know I will have them for years to come & easily pairs with everything in my closet. So the investment in these designer sneakers was worth it for me.

2: Veja V-10

PRICE: Veja’s run around $150 . The ‘V-10’ style sneaker utilize ecological & sustainable materials to create a sleek upper made from low-chrome leather.

FIT: These run true to size & I got my normal size 10.

COMFORT: These took a little breaking in. The tongue in these sneakers is a little high, causing some rubbing on the front of my ankle. Once I folded over the tongue (and tucked them under the top laces) for a few weeks to break in the leather, and the edge of the tongue became smooth & comfortable.

QUALITY: The leather on these have held up very nicely after wearing for over a year. They are very sturdy and well made.

STYLING: If you are wanting more of minimal and classic leather white sneaker than I would go for the Veja’s. I love to retro look of the V-10’s. They also come in a few other colors. The black accent color is simple and polished.

3: P448

PRICE: P448’s are also made in Italy & very well made with premium leather & suede, making them the next most expensive option, after Golden Goose, starting at $250.

FIT: I got a size 41 in these and they are roomy (I don’t like my sneakers tight). Each pair is made uniquely so sizing can vary slightly, and tend to run on the bigger size. I would say they are a wider fit, compared to Golden Goose.

COMFORT: These are VERY comfortable right out of the box. They have tons of cushioning & extra room in the toe box. These are just as comfortable as my GG’s.

QUALITY: I was first introduced to this brand over a year ago when I was working with the retailer Evereve, as a brand ambassador. P448 is a surfing brand, each pair is made by hand, that is reason for the higher price tag. These statement maker sneakers are only half the price of GG’s, so they are great look-a-like sneaker if it fit’s your budget.

STYLING: P448’s have the similar worn in look right out of the box, like the Golden Goose sneakers. If you love Golden Goose, you will love these too! They have a ton a edgy styles and colors. I LOVE these.

4: Converse

PRICE: These platform conserve are $70

FIT: I got my normal size 10 in these.

COMFORT: The platform adds some extra cushioning, so these are very comfortable. I wore these a ton when I was pregnant with Dylan, and they passed the comfort test for this very pregnant mama!

QUALITY: Converse are such a classic sneaker, proving they stand the test of time. I got my first pair of maroon converse in the 6th grade and haven’t looked back. I love that you can throw these canvas shoes into the washing machine & they come out looking like new. They are pretty pristine white & can show dirt & scuff marks.

STYLING: Converse are also a clean, classic style sneaker. The canvas is easy to throw in the wash to clean. I also like the platform sole of this pair for a more elevated style. Wear them with a dress or jeans. This shows just how timeless and chic this style sneaker is.

Which Pair Of Sneakers Should You Buy?

If you want something a bit more edgy & fun and want the real deal designer sneakers I would go with the Golden Goose. The P448’s are a great step down from the Golden Goose’s as far as price point, and still have the same edgy feel. If you want something more classic than I would go with the Veja’s. If you are looking for the most budget friendly pair then go with the Converse.

Whatever sneaker you decide on, you truly can’t do wrong.

Fashion Sneakers


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