20 Wardrobe Essentials To Have In Your Closet

It can be hard to know what pieces to invest in. Knowing the best wardrobe essentials will help you create a versatile, co-hiesive wardrobe, you can easily make outfits from mixing matching everything. I have put together 20 wardrobe essentials every woman should have in he closet.

Too many times I hear my clients say they have a closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear!

Let me help you cut the clutter, and start with a few key essential pieces to make getting dressed each day a whole lot easier. Whether you stay at home with your kiddos, work outside the home, or are a work-at-home mama….all of these core essential pieces will work for your lifestyle, and can be worn year around.

20 Wardrobe Essentials

Checklists make it easy when you go shopping to know what to buy!

Here are some of my favorite core essential pieces for your year- around wardrobe….including some budget friendly and splurge worthy options. Just click on the picture to easily shop that item!

All 20 of these pieces will help you easily build great outfits. Think of these essentials as the bones of your wardrobe. They will help you build a versatile closet filled with clothes you can wear everyday, and for just about every occasion. Just by adding these 20 pieces to your year around wardrobe you will be able to mix and match them to create over 80 outfit possibilities (and that doesn’t include everything else you have in your closet!) HELLO endless outfit possibilities!

Want to know more about how to cultiavte a simplified wardrobe you truly love? Listen to this podcast episode on Catch This Mama, where I share some easy tips and tricks for creating a less clutter & chaos in your closet!

Hear more about capsule wardrobes and how it changed my life for the better? Have ordered your copy of my Spring Capsule eBook ? Learn how to turn 30 pieces into 100+ outfits! Save time getting dressed each day, + feel confident & amazing in the outfits you wear everyday!

I would love to hear what essentials you are wanting to add to your closet this season? Leave me a comment below or come say hi on Instagram

XO, Sarah


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