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Fall Budget Friendly Boots…


Frequently Asked Questions…


What is my go-to daily devotional(s)?

What Is your Favorite pair of leggings?

*I size up to a medium in these since they run small. They also are great postpartum!

Can you share the link for the leopard slip-on sneakers you love?

*My pair are from last spring, BUT they did come back with the same  sneaker this fall, just an updated color!! I love this new darker print too!!

What is your favorite pair of skinny jeans?

*These run true to size! They do have some stretch + fit & flattering your booty so well!!

If you could only invest in 1 pair of booties what would they be?

*They are water proof, are so comfy to walk in & wear all day long in, and they last forever! Definitely an awesome investment boot! Brown is the most versatile color. 

Can you share your Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) alternative, low sugar order?

* I order a tall americano w/ 1 pump of pumpkin spice, & a dash or cream. It tastes like a pumpkin spice without all the added sugar & It’s only $2.63 vs $4.95!