The Story

About me

Hi I’m Sarah Kelly

Almost 2 years ago my husband and I decided to leave our adventurous life in Colorado to pursue something more simple in Iowa. With our two little kids in tow, we landed in Des Moines, a charming town with golden prairie sunsets, perfect country roads (for running!), and offering a new opportunity for me to continue my passion— arranging beautiful things. With a strong cup of coffee in hand and my family around the breakfast table, I love thinking about the day ahead: what outfit I will wear, what flower seeds I may sow, and how can I inspire other women I meet.

My dream for this blog is to help you style your wardrobe & simplify your life. To put the focus on finding what makes you feel beautiful with what’s in your closet today, with the way your body is today! My hope is for this to be a place of encouragement, love & grace in the tough yet rewarding seasons of motherhood. I want to help women blossom into the woman God created them to be.

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